New Obey Art Print: Lotus Ornament

Well, this is definitely the coolest Obey print in awhile. A nice, simple design. No real word on availability, so just warm up your F5 finger and keep your eyes glued to

Jermaine Rogers’ Radiohead Posters (Onsale Info)

Jermaine’s much loved new Radiohead posters are set to drop later this week, and they will undoubtedly move FAST.  Each has an edition of only 150.  The West Palm Beach and Tampa posters measure 29″ x 25″ and 32″ x 23″, respectively.  Furthermore, the Tampa poster was printed with 75% of the copies being black […]

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Andreas Samuelsson

Tiny Showcase is welcoming back Stockholm artist Andreas Samuelsson for a letterpress and sticker release this evening.  Andreas’ work is pretty crazy, but I can dig it.  The edition will be 200, the print will be a small letterpress, and it will come with a sticker sheet.  TS prints come out on Tuesdays at 7:30 […]

Aaron Horkey’s Isis Europe Poster (Onsale Info)

Burlesque Design is gearing up to release the third incarnation of Aaron Horkey’s most recent Isis poster.  This fully bloomed flower version is an 8 color screenprint, and the price will be $50 shipped.  These go on sale Thursday, May 15 at 2pm CST.  Visit

New Derek Hess Art Prints

Derek Hess just put two new art prints up for presale.  “Feathers of Angels” is a 21″ x 28″ offset, while “Cumulonimbus” is a 22″ x 28″ offset.  Each have editions of 300 and are $50.  You can also buy both for $90 here.  Visit

Jay Ryan’s “Pretty In Pink” Poster

Looks like the Alamo Drafthouse is starting up with the Rolling Roadshow posters again, starting with this one by Jay Ryan for “Pretty In Pink”. Damn, Jay is an interesting illustrator. This screenprint for an Austin, TX screening of the movie is 20″ x 26″, signed/numbered, and only $30. Visit

Ten Questions With Mike Davis

For this week’s first Ten Questions, I’m talking with Mike Davis of Burlesque Design. Mike’s stuff is awesome, you should own it. Age: Too old for school. Location: Minneapolis MN Years Doing Posters: I’ve been doing graphic design professionally since 1999. My first screenprinted poster was done in 2002. My first poster with Burlesque was […]

Leia Bell’s Space Monkey Art Print

Leia Bell has been releasing some really good art prints, and this one may be the best.  As if the image itself weren’t cool enough, Leia borrowed the title “This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven” from a Pixies song, making it even better.  It’s a 12.5″ x 18″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and is […]

“Guitar In Sea Major” Unique Batik Wall Hangings by Emek and The Faded Line Clothing Co.

The Faded Line just released these impressive new batik wall hangings by Emek, and they look beyond cool. Each one is hand painted and completely unique. They are absolutely huge at 68″ x 45″, have an edition of 100, and are $100. There is a whole bunch more information about the process on the product […]

Ten Questions With Dan Grzeca

Well, it’s my birthday, so I’ll probably be taking most of the day off, but I wanted to drop another interview with another great artist, Chicago’s own Dan Grzeca. Age: 39 Location: North Side of Chicago Years Doing Posters: Designed my first one in 1992 (Tar’s Final show). Started making a lot more in 1994 […]

Drew Millward’s Flatstock Europe Poster

Man, Drew got this one done super early.  This is for the 2008 Flatstock Poster Convention in Germany later this year.  There’s really not much info to report about the poster yet, I just thought it was amazing, so I posted it.  I’ll keep you updated on availability.

New Art Prints by Aesthetic Apparatus

When not busy creating amazing concert posters, Aesthetic Apparatus are constantly adding to their DoomDrips series of art prints.  These new additions to the series are all awesome, and very reasonable ($20 each).  Head over to

New Mike Giant Art Prints

Mike Giant just recently dropped these brand new art prints, and I’m loving them.  Both “Bicycle” and “Flying Skull” are 18″ x 24″ screenprints, are limited to 50, and are $70 each.  Visit

Ten Questions With Guy Burwell

Hope you guys aren’t sick of reading interviews yet. This time I’ve asked Guy Burwell to answer the ten questions. He rules. Enjoy. Age: Mmmmm 42 like Location: Currently Portland, Oregon. Years Doing Posters: Hard to say. I think some of my earliest pieces in proper poster and flyer making have dates from 1988 or […]

New Evan Hecox Art Print: “Mire Dentro”

Arkitip just keeps cranking out the awesome Evan Hecox prints, including this one, Mire Dentro.  This is a 16″ x 20″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and is $125.  Visit