Ten Questions With Rob Jones

Well, I’m pretty excited about this one. I got Rob Jones (the man, the myth) to come by for Ten Questions, plus he was nice enough to share an exclusive peek at a new Raconteurs poster. Enjoy.

Age: 34 (35?), born in 73 so whatever that is. I try to forget.

Location: Austin.

Years Doing Posters: 7

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: I dunno. Generally the last one I did. Currently that would be the poster for The Raconteurs upcoming Boston show. It’s a more detailed front view of the character I designed last seen in a poster for their Hollywood show last tour.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did:
Kozik’s 1993 Dwarves, Rev. Horton Heat, Supersuckers Tour Poster. It’s the poster that gave me a prompt in life.

Music Currently In Rotation: Five CD’s in the player at the moment are: The Runaways: Self-Titled, David Bowie: Young Americans, David Allan Coe: For the Soul and For the Mind Demos of ’71-’74, The Who: Odds & Sods, Soundtrack for Willie Dynamite. Before that I had in Danzig 1-5. I tend to play the same 5 CDs for a few days over and over while working.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: I just bought another 4 giant posters of Kali from some dude in India. It’s weird, he sews the plastic tube up in cheesecloth when he sends me stuff. My guest room currently has 11 large Kali posters, 5 small Kali posters, 2 large Kali batiks, and a couple of Kali statues but I have other Kali statues throughout the house.

Last toy I bought was a plastic okapi made by Schleich at a safari park my in-laws wanted to visit during their recent weekend stay. Most of my toys are 1:6 scale dolls though. Probably will buy/preorder some Klatuu and Gort set I just saw at Amok Time or the I was a Teenage Werewolf Michael Landon 12″ doll they have

Art Hanging On Your Walls: That would take too many pages. I’ll just list what’s hanging on the wall in front of me:
Our Lady of Guadalupe tapestry, Elvis Tapestry with devil horns and covered in Print Mafia buttons, Italian photobusta for Cool Hand Luke showing the fake photo he sends the boys back in the joint, Duckes of Hazzard TV Try, Promo poster for Captain Sensible’s There are More Snakes than Ladders, Picture of Stanley Kubrick clipped out the newspaper when he died, A&M promo photo of Captain Sensible (looks like from the set of the Wot! video), Elvis crying velvet painting I bought in high school, giant Lenny Bruce personality poster, The Day the Earth Stood Still repro quad poster with a Black Cat logo over Gort’s face, some ancient flea market framed print of Flower from Bambi, Kozik’s poster for The Barracudas with Archie and Devil Jughead, article clipped from gossip rag in high school titled “Sammy Davis Jr. Worshiped the Devil”, Promo photo of Lon Chaney Jr. as Son of Dracula, Picture of Hank Williams cut out of a country rag I bought in college, framed photo of Cary Grant sitting on the floor in a tux (gift from wife after first week or so of dating), Hotel Yorba postcard (gift from Ben Blackwell), Saint Sebastian prayer card, Tim Curry post card, Billy Dee WIlliams Star Wars “Star File” card, LP covers for Hank Thompson’s Songs for Rounders – Brother Dave Gardner’s Kick Thy Own Self – Leny Bruce’s What I Got Arrested For and The Law, Language, and Lenny Bruce, comics for Green Lantern/Green Arrow that show Speedy addicted to heroin, brass scroll with the Lord’s Prayer (belonged to wife’s grandfather, the great Thomas Carcelli), Mad Magazine issue 166, bloody rag from a Turbonegro show, afore-mentioned Kozik Dwarves poster.

Upcoming Stuff:
Probably more Racs posters. Anything outside of that I can’t talk about or wouldn’t talk about anyway. I want to be sure it’s in the physical world before I announce anything so I don’t look like a jackass if shiz falls through.

Words of Wisdom: Always bet on black.

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  1. That Boston poster is hotness.

  2. Nice!!!

  3. Thanks. All great stuff.

  4. what a talent and what a solid dude. jones for prez.

  5. This guy is from Austin? Does anyone know who prints his stuff?

  6. D & L, just like everyone else. They rule.

  7. Arcade Fire.


  8. His house sounds like it must be a pain to dust.

  9. how can we get the indian prints!?!?!?!?

  10. what a stud.

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