New Obey Art Print: “Rock the Casbah”

I’m really digging this new Obey art print, “Rock the Casbah”.  This one comes in three colorways and is set to drop sometime on June 4.  Keep your eyes on

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  1. Now thats fricking cool and the clash link in there tops me on this – It will be a fight to get this one

  2. i’ll be going for cash grab colorway #3

  3. This is not good.

  4. like the design, but it was a t-shirt first. I sorta think it should work the other way around.

  5. Evan, i hate to break it to you but it was a HPM Record before it was a t-shirt. the first appearance of this was at the nyc show last summer. you can see it here:

    the cold chillin print is also from that same HPM Record series:

  6. I retract my statement. Thanks for the info!

    I knew cold chillin was an hpm first

  7. WoW! So this is competing for the most hideous OBEY print ever. Well, at least my broke ass isn’t missin anything!

  8. BORING. what’s the deal with this new direction? so lame. i can understand wanting to change your basic style, but this flat out sucks.

  9. I actually like it for 1 main reason – Even before you get to the picture, the text etc you know its Shepard F’s – It reeks of him

    I like the idea that he has developed his style so deep that he has created his own niche.

    Many other artists stick to a main subject, say animals, whales or straight block colors – Fairy has done his with his boarders.

    Plus I love the clash and my lady has a pad in Trellick tower where the clash use to live in West London and I grew up loving them – That also helps.

  10. poster puffery and blind faith

  11. I still don’t see how anyone manages to buy these things. Even with two computers next to each other I can never get past clicking add to put it in my cart before the site times out. This just happens endlessly until the thing finally sells out. If there is a trick, I sure don’t know it.

  12. Fricking nightmare – I am still trying and its been 2 hrs

  13. Gold is sold out.

    Never saw red up there

    No idea about black

    nice waste of two frustrating hours.

  14. Black is now sold out as well.

    That had to be one of the most annoying and frustrating experiences I’ve dealt with.

    Think thats it for my attempts at buying a Shepard prints from obeygiant

    eff all you ebayers!

  15. Red hasn’t appeared – I reckon he might release them tonight or tomorrow – Trouble is the gold has so so but the black for me was the one that worked.
    Dam, I liked the print.

  16. Think the red is going to be instore only at


  18. hahahahahahah i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Shepard Fairey has done it again. This is the mascot for Air India, and has no relation to the Arab world. Google Air India Maharaja, and you’ll see what I mean.

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