New Barack Obama Progress Poster by Scott Hansen

The official Barack Obama store commissioned another great campaign poster, this time by Scott Hansen (aka ISO50).  It is a massive 23″ x 40″ lithograph, has an edition of 5000, and is $70.  If this one is anything like the Shepard Fairey version, the large edition will do nothing to detract from demand on this.  Visit  (PS, it also counts as a campaign donation, which is good).

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  2. I wonder if it will be on matte or glossy paper.

  3. “Progress”


  4. Beerloaf:
    Do you post every time there is a poster blogged that you won’t buy?
    Are people clamoring to know what you are or are not going to buy?
    Do you always shout?

  5. tuumi- its kind of a funny this he has already done. He doesn’t comment on every poster. usually obey stuff.

    The poster is beautiful

  6. It looks like a scene from close encounters of the third kind except this time the space ship is a tree and the aliens are getting attacked by birds. I guess you can say thats progress. Worth every penny.

  7. This is an incredible positive image! Well done, Scott Hansen!

    In addition, I think that $70 is a very approachable price. However, custom framing is not cheap so consider that before buying. Overall, a great deal by a great artist for a great cause.

  8. I just got this print. It’s amazing. The photo doesn’t do it’s so rich. huge too. awesome.

  9. Just found it on eBay for $100…wow! Much nicer than I expected, didn’t really think about the $260 price tag for custom framing….but I think it’ll be worth it when finished! Beautiful job Scott.

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