Art Prints by Nanami Cowdroy

Gallery 1988 just released these new art prints by Nanami Cowdry, and I’m pretty impressed. They are all large giclees, and while they are a bit expensive, the people at 1988 are saying they are best quality prints they’ve ever seen, and that’s saying alot. To purchase, or for more info, call G1988 at (415) 409-1376.

Flower Shower

17″ x 22″ Giclee, Signed, $210:


22″ x 16″ Giclee, Signed, $230:

Geisha Yume

16″ x 22″ Giclee, Signed, $220:

Nanami also has some designs available from Gelaskins for your Ipod, laptop, etc.  Visit

9 Responses to “Art Prints by Nanami Cowdroy”

  1. WOW. this may break my no print buying streak.

  2. The detail on those are pretty sick wow!

  3. Dam dam – I cant do it, I am spending to much but the 1st print is just what I live in pictures, minute detail – Fantastic but can’t do it – I see from the tel number they are in San Francisco – Is this a “walk in gallery?” Can I go and see these as I live in SFO

  4. These are great.
    If they were screen prints I would definitely purchase them.

  5. Yeah Sacha, you can definitely go in and check them out. They are also having an awesome show by Joe Ledbetter and Andrew Brandou right now. It’s at 1173 Sutter St.

  6. Thanks !! I am off to see it.

  7. these are absolutely amazing

  8. Well Sacha, what’s the verdict?

  9. Very beautiful illustrations..

    viva black and white!

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