Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Nathan Abels

Tiny Showcase will release a print tonight by Denver artist Nathan Abels tonight.  I have to say, this is one time where Tiny Showcase, in my opinion, did not pick his best image for the release, but it’s still pretty cool.  It will have an edition of 100, be inexpensive, and come out tonight at 7:30pm EST.  Visit

Nathan was nice enough to put up the image that will be released tonight, here it is:

……and here is some of his other work:

You can see more at

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  1. mmm this stuff is great. IMHO, the one they chose is really rad—like a quiet/understated Josh Keyes. Is the original a watercolor? I I’ll bet it looks off the chains in person!

  2. […] Abels, who I previously covered for Tiny Showcase, has a brand new art print available.  The original “Two Roofs” […]

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