Justin Myer Staller “Dot Nude #8” Art Print

Fans of Justin Myer Staller’s Dot Nude series, rejoice!  Justin just released #8 in the series, and it’s a beaut.  This one is a 14″ x 17″ CMYK screenprint, has an edition of 38, and is only $25.  To purchase, shoot Justin an email.

This one is probably not safe for work, so you can check it out here.

11 Responses to “Justin Myer Staller “Dot Nude #8” Art Print”

  1. Well, I wish he would do a dot nude of a semi attractive woman… why do they always have to be fat 50s looking women yo?

  2. ^ HAHA

  3. @Taper:

    Harsh! You prefer skeletons?

  4. Chill out Taper. Don’t be an idiot.

  5. i promise next time to have better taste in women.

  6. All dumbass comments should be ignored, Justin.

  7. liking the way its done , just not loving the subject , i seen some nice ones on his site , but they were sold out.

  8. No way Taper, she’s hot.

  9. Mother ??

  10. @ Davin… yes, I prefer skeletons… to fat chicks with a 50’s look.
    Sorry admin, I won’t share my opinions… unless I am kissing someone’s ass!

  11. taper, it’s not about girls, it’s about dots…and how we jerk off to them.

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