Ten Questions With Shepard Fairey

For today’s Ten Questions, I am more than happy to welcome one of the site’s most popular topics of discussion, Mr. Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant.

Age: 38

Location: LA CA

Years Doing Posters: 19

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: The TWO SIDES OF CAPITALISM: BAD was a very labor intensive endeavor that I’m proud of. I usually like a poster right when I decide I’m finished, then I’m over it and on to the next.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: The Jon Van Hammersveld Hendrix print. It was one of the first posters I bit for an Obey Giant parody in ’93.

Music Currently In Rotation: The Good The Bad and the Queen, The Last Shadow Puppets, always the Clash.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: Skullphone Gas Station print.

Art Hanging On Your Walls: Jamie Reid, Twist, Banksy, Raymond Pettibon, Faile, Ryan McGiness, Nara, Jon Van Hammersveld, Jim Houser.

Upcoming Stuff: My book E Pluribus Venom is about to come out.

Words of Wisdom: Measure twice, cut once.

To see more of Shepard’s work, visit ObeyGiant.com. Also, to keep up on all things Obey, visit my friends at TheGiant.org.

10 Responses to “Ten Questions With Shepard Fairey”

  1. Fantastic, also very cool new print coming up – nice lines and very clean.
    New banner above and all very pro.

  2. whoop

  3. Where can I get me one-a them Skullphone prints?!?

  4. Never mind – found it. 6 ft. big – probably too rich for my blood…

  5. i don’t think the last post was worthy of censorship.

  6. That’s not really your decision.

  7. interesting to hear about that Jon Van Hammersveld Hendrix being his favorite, cool to hear peoples thoughts on stuff like that.

  8. its getting pretty hilarious people keep impersonating me on blogs.

    : )

  9. no he isn’t a hypocrite at all now is he: http://animalnewyork.com/news/2008/04/shepard-fairey-threatens-to-su.php

  10. He claims fair use, yet sues other artists:

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