Ten Questions With Mike Davis

For this week’s first Ten Questions, I’m talking with Mike Davis of Burlesque Design. Mike’s stuff is awesome, you should own it.

Age: Too old for school.

Location: Minneapolis MN

Years Doing Posters: I’ve been doing graphic design professionally since 1999. My first screenprinted poster was done in 2002. My first poster with Burlesque was in 2003.

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: Alphabet poster or the Diplo New Years Eve poster.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did:


Music Currently In Rotation: I just downloaded Moody Blues “Your Wildest Dreams”

Other things I listened to recently:
Ed Banger Records’ Ed Rec Vol 3
Cuizinier from TTC “Lettre F” ft. Pase Rock and Spank Rock
Fugazi “End Hits”
Ding Dong “Bad Man Forward, Bad Man Pull Up”

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: I bought the Friends With You plush hamburger thing for my 1 year-old niece. Last toy I bought for myself was a French Dunny.

Art Hanging On Your Walls:

At home:
Steven Harrington’s double peacock dayglo print
Barry Miles’ self-titled LP designed by Milton Glaser
Delicious Design League’s gorgeous Flatstock 12 poster
Little Friends of Printmaking print with a bunch of dudes and dogs beating each other up
This painting by George R. Thompson IV

At work:
Wes Wilson’s Byrds 1967 FIllmore poster
Parra original doodle (thanks Aye Jay!)
Steven Harrington’s Une Royaume print
This awesome New Orleans poster from 1983 I found at my grandparents’ house a few years ago
A bunch of Burlesque test prints and crap I designed

Upcoming Stuff: DO IT TO IT! and a project with Kidrobot I can’t talk about.

Words of Wisdom: Take that baby, that baby ain’t mine.

To see more of Mike’s work, visit BurlesqueDesign.com and Twelecarpileup.com.

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  1. Mike is brilliant.

  2. i got some props! mike is brilliant, but so is grzeca!

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