New Derek Hess Art Prints

Derek Hess just put two new art prints up for presale.  “Feathers of Angels” is a 21″ x 28″ offset, while “Cumulonimbus” is a 22″ x 28″ offset.  Each have editions of 300 and are $50.  You can also buy both for $90 here.  Visit

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  1. is his work always printed offset?

  2. Yeah, for the past three years or so anyway.

  3. Unfortunately.

  4. I bought “burned out” from him and I think that’s the last of his publicly available screen prints. I don’t know if he had a falling out with his screen printers, that one was done at Highway Press, or if he prefers how the offsets look or maybe its just cheaper and faster. I do know that recently he has been doing more mixed media stuff which is obviously easier to reproduce as offsets, so maybe that’s the answer.

    I like this print, but not as an offset.

  5. whats printer offset ?

  6. I actually think they might do it to make his prints more accessible. When he was doing screenprints, they were like $200 each.

  7. I don’t know about that – I paid $125 for Burned Out. I see no problem with his screen prints being $200. Dave Kinsey is usually up around $100-150 now per print and Derek’s originals often go for as little as $400.

    Just because Shepard still sells them for $35 doesn’t mean other artists can’t get a premium.

  8. So errrrr whats Printer offset again ?

  9. Sacha,
    are you asking what an offset print is?

  10. Sacha,
    are you asking what an “offset print” is?

  11. Thats it – Nail on the head !
    Whats an offset ?

  12. Offset lithograph. These ones are printed on matte paper, they are actually not that bad of prints.

    Another thing that probably lead to Hess producing offset prints is the need to reproduce paintings. When he was doing screenprints, he was unable to do that type of thing.

  13. Sacha, wikipedia is your friend.

  14. I’d have to disagree that offsets are not that bad, I think they look awful. I have only seen offsets from Fairey and Hess in fairness, but they were enough to put me off ever buying an offset again.

  15. As a Cleveland native, avid Hess follower ( I have four of his pieces tattooed on me with more on the way), the screen printing stopped during the short hiatus he took for about 2 years. But as for the cost of the screen prints, the price isn’t bad at all. I recently bought and original Hess from the “Smile, God Loves You” set, and the cost was over 1k.

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