Ten Questions With Guy Burwell

Hope you guys aren’t sick of reading interviews yet. This time I’ve asked Guy Burwell to answer the ten questions. He rules. Enjoy.

Age: Mmmmm 42 like

Location: Currently Portland, Oregon.
Years Doing Posters: Hard to say. I think some of my earliest pieces in proper poster and flyer making have dates from 1988 or so, so about 20 years, now. But there were others before I could get into bars and such, so perhaps twenty two or twenty three years.

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: It changes with each week that goes by, and we all would say either our latest or perhaps that we can’t choose a favorite, BUT if I had to pick a few, I would say that I like the Black Keys with Jay Reatard, for it’s adventurous feeling at the time, for me, and my Teenage Fanclub print for how fun it was at the time. I always like my first Neko Case print though as with any print there is that one thing that drives me bananas with each glance. Mudhoney was a grand success and the Mono print, as my first self-pulled screen print, satisfies, though I wish I knew then what I know now.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: I have a Coyne print I have had for years and years before I started with making prints. I don’t collect prints but I love the work of plenty of others. I like European sensibilities though I don’t think I can attempt to possess those sensibilities myself. The art prints I like are mostly from cartoonists or illustrators. I love the hand work of illustrators and designers of the 50’s. I like a lot of things but I don’t claim them for possessions, I keep their impulses and impressions in my head to linger.

Music Currently In Rotation: The Pernice Brothers and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The Reigning Sound, Anders Parker, MMJ, The Flashing LIghts. Misfits. That kind of thing.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought:
Mmmmm the oversized “Pink Pearl” print from Jordan Crane struck me as fun so I bought one of those. And several Keegan Onefoot original paintings.

Art Hanging On Your Walls: The above print, Keegan Onefoot originals that I commissioned, a Bibby painting, a lot of my own prints to agonize over, a great many small pieces from Bwana Spoons and other locals. A Gunsho original that I don’t have a frame for, and some other odds and ends, mostly small pieces and things that I commissioned from people.

Upcoming Stuff: Shibbit, I have several official tour prints and other pieces that bands have asked for for specific dates and shows. I have plans for more personal materials and hope to take a break from posters for a few weeks and add to my Jazz and Shoe series’ and start on two special sorts of projects and take a trip and give my brain a big fat break. Okay?

Words of Wisdom: Everyone should try to relax. Not that I can do it, but everyone should try.

To see more of Guy’s work, visit GuyBurwell.com.

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  1. Guy is amazing. That BK poster is phenomenal in person, as is all his stuff. He’s not human.

  2. For what it’s worth, I’m digging these interviews even if I’m not a huge fan of the artists. Pretty interesting stuff!

  3. Yeah, these interviews are great. Thank you.

    Love that pink eraser.

  4. Not sick at all, I dig it.

  5. I don’t know who Anders Parker is, but that poster rules.

  6. Hi – Yes I adore these interviews as they are educating me on the history of prints as well – I now adore Crumbs short history of America from a previous write up, not a new artist to me but unaware of his importance and also I have just bought a Pink Pearl by Jordon Crane as I fell in love with the image posted.
    Maybe post 1 a month on the 1st of the month – Keep the drip feed going.

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