Ryan Milner Tastebuds Mono-Distortion Show Print

Phone Booth Gallery  just posted up this very cool print by Ryan Milner.  Each print (if you wanna call it that) is unique.  He first laid down an acrylic wash, then hand drew the faces on each.  It is 6″ x 9″, has an edition of only 10, and can be bought for the steal price of $20.  Visit PhoneBoothGallery.com.

4 Responses to “Ryan Milner Tastebuds Mono-Distortion Show Print”

  1. Cool, snagged one. Wonder what mine will look like.

  2. i was oh so close to making it thru the weekend without spending any money on prints. looking forward to seeing this.

  3. […] those Ryan Milner mono distortion pieces I covered awhile back?  Well, they have decided to do another batch, this time in a slightly red colorway.  […]

  4. […] Milner, who you may know from his Tastebuds drawings, Joker print, or from helping Kevin Tong ship posters, was recently interviewed by Phone Booth […]

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