Exclusive: Another Jermaine Rogers Radiohead Poster

Jermaine is killing these Radiohead posters, and I’m more than honored that he lets me debut them.  Here is the newest one for the Ford Amphitheater in Tampa.  Release details to come.

Click for bigger, this thing has some crazy stuff going on in it:

7 Responses to “Exclusive: Another Jermaine Rogers Radiohead Poster”

  1. Jermain is a he ?

  2. I might go for this one. Looks pretty cool.

  3. Bizarre,

  4. I want to buy both even though I’m more than out of wall space now.

  5. any updates on the release? was at this show and enjoyed it…

  6. Yeah, look on the front page, there’s a new post. Comes out today.

  7. thanks admin…

    i was able to order on his website….it’s already sold out!

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