Exclusive: Burlesque’s Arcade Fire / Superchunk Barack Obama Benefit Poster

Here is a great new poster from Burlesque, one for a couple of benefit shows in NC for Barack Obama with The Arcade Fire and Superchunk. No real word on internet availability, since it is a campaign donation. The best way to score one is to get your ass out to the show tomorrow in NC and buy one. Enjoy!

EDIT:  Here’s some more info on the print:  There are 300 prints total, 50 of which are signed by both bands.  They are available at the show only for $20, or $50 signed by the bands.

8 Responses to “Exclusive: Burlesque’s Arcade Fire / Superchunk Barack Obama Benefit Poster”

  1. Arcade Fire FTW!


  2. A lot of these non-Horkey Burlesque designs are starting to look the same.

  3. I think that’s what we call “establishing a visual identity for a band”.

  4. Clever.

  5. awesome interview, love the words of wisdom!

  6. it would help if I would post in the right article 🙁

  7. Yeah, and I hear a lot of Decemberists prints have whales in them. *rolleyesviolently *


  8. This is super difficult to find for sale. My husband has been talking about this poster for years, regretting he did not purchase it at the show. Anyone have any leads of where I may be able to make someone an offer?


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