Exclusive: Burlesque’s Arcade Fire / Superchunk Barack Obama Benefit Poster

Here is a great new poster from Burlesque, one for a couple of benefit shows in NC for Barack Obama with The Arcade Fire and Superchunk. No real word on internet availability, since it is a campaign donation. The best way to score one is to get your ass out to the show tomorrow in NC and buy one. Enjoy!

EDIT:  Here’s some more info on the print:  There are 300 prints total, 50 of which are signed by both bands.  They are available at the show only for $20, or $50 signed by the bands.

7 Responses to “Exclusive: Burlesque’s Arcade Fire / Superchunk Barack Obama Benefit Poster”

  1. Arcade Fire FTW!


  2. A lot of these non-Horkey Burlesque designs are starting to look the same.

  3. I think that’s what we call “establishing a visual identity for a band”.

  4. Clever.

  5. awesome interview, love the words of wisdom!

  6. it would help if I would post in the right article 🙁

  7. Yeah, and I hear a lot of Decemberists prints have whales in them. *rolleyesviolently *


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