Ten Questions With Jon Smith

In this installment of ten questions, Jon Smith tries to be funny, I post way too many pictures, and you are hopefully entertained at work or home.

Age: 25

Location: Maple Leaf, the smallest neighborhood in Seattle.

Years Doing Posters: …..three and a half? “I’m not good with linear time”

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: Ahhh, my favorite subject: ME. I really like my Thermals poster, the first 1982 poster for George Clinton was awesome, Grizzly Bear, the first Spoon we did. My last Band of Horses was super fantastic, I have a new Death Cab poster that’s an instant classic, most of the Ghostland posters I’ve done are light years ahead of their time, Roger Waters, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Keys, Ween, Hives, I mean really it’s just endless…I love myself so much, like more than Kanye loves himself if you can imagine that.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: Oh…you mean like, other people? Mortals? I don’t have an all time favorite song or movie list, I know what I like but to really pinpoint and narrow it down is kinda nebulous. But I’ll mark out to a handful of people I like: Guy Burwell and Tyler Stout I love just about everything they do, Tylers’ Devendra Banhart is brilliant, something that stood out to me when i was new to posters and still kicks ass…Andrio Abero is so smart he makes me feel like a caveman, Andy’s stuff is always well thought out and crisp, sharp, his Trail of Dead is rad but I think his work outside of posters is even more impressive. Zeloot rules, still very very underrated in the poster game….I know you, you just want me to give you ONE thing so you can edit all my previous ramblings. If i had to narrow it down to one poster, I think EMEK’s last Nick Cave poster is about as “perfect” as a poster can get.

Music Currently In Rotation: ELO, Black Keys, T REX, early Bruce, I listened to half the Doors catalog the other day. Downloaded the entire Tribe Called Quest, only liked a couple songs. Finally got around to listening to Peter Bjorn and John’s Writers Block last week, not bad, i understand the hoopla. On first listen the new Raconteurs didn’t do much for me. Still need to check out the new Gnarls, Lyrics Born, Born Ruffians, Nick Cave….

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: The ONLY poster I have ever purchased was Kevin Mercer’s Hot Snakes poster. Purchased it from the man himself at the SWEET poster show at the University of Maryland.

Art Hanging On Your Walls: That Hot snakes poster i just mentioned, the CSA images brochure/poster they give you in orders of French paper, a crosshair print, Naduval’s latest Man Man poster, Seattle Mariners 2008 schedule, Sports illustrated calendar, cardboard stand up of Clint Eastwood from Gunsmoke wearing a Matt Hasselbeck jersey, pages i ripped out of a book about Ben-Hur, some samples from a letterpress shop, thats about it.

Upcoming Stuff: Death Cab, Hot Chip, some kinda heavy metal poster, Kids in the Hall, Flaming Lips movie debut poster…nxtlvl pwnage, y’know.

Words of Wisdom: Paul Newman.

To grab that new Death Cab poster, along with a handful of other new things, visit Jon’s store.

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  1. Jon is always funny, though this is not the final version of the 10 questions.

  2. i wish I could find that Devendra Banhart poster somewhere. I absolutely love it.

  3. When is the next Algebra Man installment 😉

  4. I second that. I wonder how much my mint condition original Algebra Man comix are worth…?

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