Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Little Friends of Printmaking Letterpress

Gotta love this week’s Tiny Showcase release, a brand new signed/numbered LFOP letterpress print. If you aren’t familiar with the work of the Little Friends, it rules, flat out. TS prints come out on Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST. Visit

EDIT:  Here it is, the wonderful new letterpress by LFOP.   As of right now, there are still some left.  At the very least, check out the detail shots at

5 Responses to “Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Little Friends of Printmaking Letterpress”

  1. Done and Done!

  2. Thats amazing. I bought one =)

  3. Me too, those detail shots are very impressive.

  4. Loved it – Picked one up for my babies room, strange not my sort of thing but had such a great aura about it.

  5. OMG I just went back and had another look at what I bought after reading admin notes on the details, holy crap, thats amazing. I feel everyone should go in and look at the photos – click on the main image and “next” is top right.

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