Ten Questions With Aaron Horkey

Today I am very, very honored to present a ten question mini-interview with the man, the myth, Aaron Horkey himself. Enjoy.

Age: 30

Location: Mankato, MN – The Rural Midwest

Years Doing Posters: First one at 16, took a break until 2003 after which I’ve been able to work on at least a few each year. Evens out to about 5 years total.

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: I don’t like my stuff enough to have a favorite – maybe a least hated? There’s parts of all my work that will forever haunt me, shit I half-assed or stuff I just did backwards or left out in a rush. That being said, I kinda like the first Converge (2004) although it could really use a background texture of some sort. Mogwai is OK and Whale Bone Grove really succeeds on the printing alone, thanks Ben.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: No way I could pick just one but some of my favorites are Crumb’s “Short History of America” (12 panel version), Chris Ware’s “Bowl of Fire”, “Public Exhibition” and “Lake Street”, Any of the Walton Ford editions, Jim Woodring’s “The Confidence Bird”, Jordan Crane’s “Hurts All Around”, Bannon’s Jane Doe (screened), Todd Bratrud’s “Girl #3” (Puke Blood series), etc, etc…

Music Currently In Rotation: Helms Alee EP, Cable – all, Year of No Light – NORD, Trenchmouth – Inside the Future, 5ive – Hesperus, Oxbow – all, Kidcrash – Jokes, Black Mountain – Inside the Future, Cursed – III, Cougar Den – s/t, Underground Railroad to Candyland – Bird Roughs, The Blinding Light – Junebug rough mixes, The Assailant – Colera, Mouthbreather 7″, Pleasure Forever – Bodies Need Rest, Cease Upon the Capital – s/t, Cass McCombs – A, Das Oath/Ampere – tour split, Dinosaur Jr – Green Mind, A Perfect Place soundtrack, Howlin Rain – Magnificent Fiend, Waits – Bone Machine, Rwake – Hell is a Door to the Sun, Thank God/Life at These Speeds split 7″ and on and on…

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: Michael Munter’s Coalesce and Boris pieces.

Art Hanging On Your Walls: Still moving in but lots of stuff at the framer’s – Ware, Bannon, Bratrud, a great photo of Dan Higgs my wife bought me a while back, Pushead, Dan McCarthy, turn of the century advertising ephemera, etc. Skateboard collection will be mounted soon as well. I have not nearly enough walls…

Upcoming Stuff: Just finished the cover for Monster Children #19 out of Australia, 7″ packaging for Jesu/Broder collaboration via Hidden Hive out of the UK, Cable reunion shows print, Cougar Den and Blinding Light album packaging for INIT and Deathwish respectively, new art print on wood, new print for a show in SF in the Fall, Japan exclusive items for Mega Fauna, a few commissioned paintings, screened gift certificates for Big Brain Comics in Minneapolis, skateboarding, mowing the lawn, etc.

Words of Wisdom: Don’t crap out.

To see more of Aaron’s wonderful work, visit BurlesqueDesign.com.

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  1. Screened gift certificates for Big Brain, eh? That store fuckin’ rules.
    I’m thinking that a gift certificate by Horkey would be too damn dope to redeem.

  2. nice. thanks aaron. looking forward to the new stuff.

    i say throw another 10 questions at him.

  3. Finally something interesting on this site!

  4. Thanks for this!

    What is that crazy beautiful print at the bottom?!????!!!!

  5. Some great music in rotation. “A Perfect Place soundtrack” = Two thumbs up.

  6. Great, well done on getting this – This is so interesting, thank you

  7. UncleEbeneezer – It’s a painting, not a print, and probably won’t be a print. Called Croatoa, part of a commissioned 3-piece.

  8. Noone is keeping you here Stoney.

  9. [i]”There’s parts of all my work that will forever haunt me, shit I half-assed…”[/i] — if he’d call any of the prints of his that i’ve laid eyes on ‘half-assed’, i can’t imagine what he could have done with them whole-assed.

  10. the painting is called croatoan. and dont rule anything out. ever.

  11. Well it is just KILLER! Thanks for the info.

  12. By crapping out, do you mean snake eyes, or that number that no one mentions after the come-out, because of how angry it makes players when someone mentions that goddamn number after the come-out, or even during the come-out, depending on your system?


  13. Wow, I love that Munter print with the tractor and that new Horkey painting freakin rules! Thanks for that dude

  14. And hey, many thanks for doing this interview. It’s cool to know more about the man behind these amazing pieces.

  15. Did I hurt your feelins admin? Muh bad.

  16. Yea how about 50 more questions. I can’t get enough of Aaron Horkey. I have never seen anyone depict the midwest so accurately and with so much depth, I want to wander around in his prints

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  18. I hope Aaron will work with GelaSkins and make the croatoan available for my ipod touch.

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