Jesse Phillips’ Iron Man Poster

Mondotees just keeps dropping great posters for Alamo Drafthouse screenings, this time it’s an Iron Man print by Jesse Phillips. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint. The glow in the dark main edition is 100 and costs $30, while the variant is an edition of 30 and costs $50. Jesse has done a few posters for them in the past, and they sold out pretty fast. Visit

14 Responses to “Jesse Phillips’ Iron Man Poster”

  1. Jesse slays EVERY TIME.

  2. Loved the first one, the second was a little bit “cold”…

  3. Got my copy ordered. Sweet.
    Great job keeping us updated on these releases guys (guy).

  4. Bad….ass…

  5. Got one, love the old school vibe!
    I hope this is a kick butt movie. At first I was a little unsure about Robert Downy Jr being cast, but he may very well make this a lot better move than it may have been otherwise. I’m definitely looking forward to it

  6. Since Robt.Downey Jr. has had bouts with substance abuse he could be a good guy to play Tony Stark – as he was a recovering alcoholic in the comic.

  7. why do they put the price up when it gets to a low quantity? i’m not a big fan of his use of colour in his posters so i’ll think i’ll pass.

  8. sweet print, picked one up

  9. raising the price when they are almost gone is kinda odd..not sure how I feel about that. but…I had to get the regular version..

    just framed the Stout metal Thing poster today.

  10. yeah gotta hate the price upping, and it’s a regular thing at the mondo it appears………like doubling it for the last 10 or 15……rips!

  11. Well, I can see it both ways. Simple supply and demand. And we know how those Stout posters move on the secondary market…

    I guess it rewards the early guys.

  12. does anyone know if mondotees combine shipping?? i emailed and got no reply. when its costing me $20 a pop i really could do with it,

  13. I’ve had them combine shipping (or, I’ve only had to pay the shipping price once per order, not per poster). They shipped 5 in a tube for me before.

  14. I love BOTH of these! The first reminds me of the retro armor tony designed after faking his own death at the end of his first “armor wars”, and I’d take the second as the stealth armor…

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