New Art Print by Mear One: “Legalize Art”

Baurmann Gallery is set to release a brand new mono-distortion art print by Mear One tomorrow. I really, really like this new series of art prints, and how each one is unique. It’s a very cool idea, and one that more artists should be doing. It’s a 20″ x 30″ piece, hand-painted/finished, has an edition of only 30, and is $500. They will also be shipped in hand-stenciled packaging. The last mono-distortion, “M1”, went super fast, so be on your game. These drop tomorrow (Friday, April 18) at 1pm PST. To purchase, send an email to Baurmann at that time. Cheers.

Each print is unique, but here are a couple of examples. You can see all of the editions at this Flickr page.

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  1. i dont get it, whats a mono distortion print?

  2. Basically means a hand-done print with the same basic images, but each one totally unique. I know on the last one they did some stenciling, then a bunch of unique paint and drawing layers. It’s basically like getting an original for $500, which coming from Mear is damn cheap.

  3. so its basically 30 different paintings of the same thing, but you call them prints and sell them for what a one of a kind painting might go for?

  4. Yeah, except for Mear’s paintings are thousands of dollars normally.

  5. dope for sure, just dont have that cash to drop on em, too too bad

  6. If you like Mear One’s work and this image, then this is a no brainer. A bargain in my opinion.

  7. Why ruin the painting with the large numbering? IT takes up too much space..

  8. well thats cool maybe you could bequeath yours to me since i dont already have any persona l contacts………..fer serious im down


  10. oh beefloaf how i’ve come to love thee

  11. Also, to answer the question on what a mono-distortion is:

    MEAR basically invented a new style [by incorporating many of his live art, drawing, and painting techniques] and thus named it accordingly. The name stemmed from each one being unique and also incorporated one of the main techniques in achieving the end results, distorting the paper and piece heavily. Strathmore Bristol 500 4 ply Cold Press paper was used which allows the paper to be worked rigerously. Many of the techniques and tools he uses would tear right through normal paper [as canvas is often more resilient] but the high quality substrate used allows him to really explore how far he can push those techniques on editions.

  12. Now thats info


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