John Dyer Baizley Prints Available Online just released some of the first ever John Dyer Baizley prints available online. Usually you can only grab them on a Baroness tour, so this is a great opportunity. These won’t be around long, so get yourself over to

Magpie Lady

12.5″ x 19.” Screenprint, Edition of 200, $30:

Red Album

16.25″ x 18.625″ Screenprint, Edition of 200, $30:

8 Responses to “John Dyer Baizley Prints Available Online”

  1. Fuck ya.

  2. all gone

  3. at first I was going to buy the prints but I ended up with some shirts too. I tried buying one of the prints on ebay yesterday and i bid $100. Luckily someone outbid me.

  4. yeah rips on the prints, like usuals , the y were only avail for friends of as per norm

  5. thanks for the heads up!!

  6. i am looking for john baizley prints, help

  7. any advice

  8. i must have the red album print. help!

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