This Week’s Obey Print: I Love Rock Collage

Can’t say that I’m feeling this at all, but thought some of the readers may like to see it nonetheless.  This one is based on a photo shot by Obey intern Ernesto.  It will be a 24″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 350.  No word on release date yet, but I’d keep my eyes on Tuesday or Wednesday if you want one of these.

In other Obey news, here is something I do like.  Shepard Fairey has redesigned the covers for “1984” and “Animal Farm”.  Pretty nice.  For more info, check out the The Penguin Blog.

8 Responses to “This Week’s Obey Print: I Love Rock Collage”

  1. I’m not too crazy about the new print either, but it’s interesting to see Shepard doing something a little different. I think that the book covers are amazing though. I already own both of those, but might have to buy them again just for the awesome art!

  2. i’ll definitely be buying those books. way cool.

  3. Both those book covers need to be available as prints!

  4. Hey, our good buddy Kevin Sutton is over on The Penguin Blog… Guess he’s changed his mind – and probably his wardrobe. Didn’t he say he wore everything “Obey” and his girlfriend did too?

    Good stuff

  5. Looks like shit

  6. What exactly is he doing different? An internest took that picture, its just another case of Shep stealing work like hes done in the past.

  7. This one is up at if you want it.

  8. I’m pretty stoked on this. Different size, different feel than usual.

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