New Evan Hecox Print: “Insurgentes”

Arkitip just released this brand new art print by Evan Hecox, Insurgentes. It is a 16″ x 20″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and is $125. Hurry over to to purchase.

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  1. Community people, build a community – not a personal hate page.

    Re Hecox – Like cherokeemist I don’t see the street scenes as anything great, but I love it when he places retro vehicles in the scene, a clapped out bike or a dune bug – Its the male in me.

  2. i think everyone’s just mad that they didnt get the dang blk/mrkt show print “Where Bones Lie Beneath The Ground (El Poder de Hacer)” and now they have to get this one instead and it aint as cool! what up! well it’s pretty cool, but fairly reminiscent of previous evan stuff, most notably the ultra cool black sun ones! what up!

  3. What up b!

  4. Brah, chill out.


  5. totally

  6. What up pantyhose?

  7. What up wif the what ups and brahs brohams?

  8. Let’s wait for the new one!

    It seems that there’s some Hecox (and others!) in but it feels something strange on this gallery or website or whatever it is… They don’t say where it is located, just an e-mail… It makes me feel insecure… Anybody knows anything about them? thanks!

  9. Moonset is good people, but they are online only, not a brick and mortar, that’s why they don’t have an address listed. You need not worry.

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