Tyler Stout’s “Flight of the Conchords” CD Packaging

My good friend Tyler Stout was lucky enough to get the opportunity to do the packaging for the upcoming Flight of the Conchords album on Sub Pop. Here are the illustrations that will be in the packaging, pretty impressive. You can preorder the disc at SubPop.com on the cheap.

Also, Tyler did a big site update, including this sneak peek at the sequel to his ever-popular Migration print. Stay tuned for more info, and visit TStout.com.

3 Responses to “Tyler Stout’s “Flight of the Conchords” CD Packaging”

  1. I really like the look of the new Migration print. I will definitely be picking that one up, I hope

  2. This show is not very funny, especially the whole singy dancy thing.

  3. The beauty of Tyler’s work cannot be denied. From the thread about this at GP, Kleinsmith hooked up some killer design to go with Mr. Stout’s work. Heh…like there was any doubt.

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