Jay Ryan’s Blue Planet Series

Jay Ryan did a series of posters for Blue Planet Live in England, and Richard Goodall Gallery is getting ready to release them.  No word on price or edition yet, but they are scheduled to go up sometime today (Saturday, April 5), so keep your eyes on RichardGoodallGallery.com.

There are five prints total, to view them all visit Expressobeans.com.

4 Responses to “Jay Ryan’s Blue Planet Series”

  1. Actually 7 prints in total…..

  2. $482 for the set of 7?!?

    that is a little much…

  3. The 2 others, the crab and octopus are both pretty nutso as well. Agreed that the conversion rate is not good and makes the set too much. sucks.

  4. That penguin one is great.

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