Jon Smith / Nate Duval (1982) Black Keys Poster

Had to post this, absolutely love it.  Brand new Black Keys posters by 1982, this should be dropping sometime soon, as the show is in a couple of days.  I’ll keep you posted.

Also, if you’re after Jon’s new Queens of the Stone Age poster, its in the Classifieds.

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  1. That is jaw-droppingly good.

  2. The Black Keys new album is phenomenal

  3. dang it, i was unhappy that there were no posters at the warfield show this wed, i was bout it bout it……… i gots to get this one……keep us posted yo!

  4. It is phenomenal and so is this poster. Jon and Nate really nailed it.

  5. i like it. wonder how many colors are in this screenprint

  6. Thanks, folks!

    It’s a four color screenprint (CMYK) and looks great in person.

    It will be available tomorrow night, after the show, from both jon and myself.

  7. cool. i like that. i wish you guys did some posters for uk gigs.

  8. Top notch, guys.

  9. gots it, word up

  10. Does anyone know if any of these posters are still available to purchase? I highly interested if anyone has one the would like to sell.

  11. any chance I could get one of these posters if they are still for sale? Probably gone by now seeing as this was a while ago!


  13. are these still for sale? I absolutely love it

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