New Mars-1 Art Print: “Strange Cargo”

Mars-1 has been getting better and better lately, and he just released this new art print, Strange Cargo.  It’s a 16″ x 25″ giclee on watercolor paper, has an edition of 50, and is $175.  Visit

11 Responses to “New Mars-1 Art Print: “Strange Cargo””

  1. this is awesome

  2. i want this soooo badly, i just dont feel like i should be dropping 175 on it

  3. Now this is flippin’ art print. Puts all those bad graphic design prints to shame. $175 is a steal.

  4. awesomeeeee

  5. I picked up his last release . . . AMAZING in person!

  6. Amazing – But Dam, $175
    Not sure.

  7. all of the above

  8. This looks great, but unfortunately not 175$ great. Probably will pass.

  9. I have seen several OG pieces by this artist and they are all AMAZING in person! This guy is awesome!

  10. Taper wan flip?

  11. Nah, I didn’t buy, but this dude is awesome! I like his human characters the best!

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