This Week’s Obey Print: Obama Progress Small

In what appears to not be an April Fool’s joke, Obey Giant announced they would release a new small version of the Obama Progress print.  It will be 9″ x 12″, have an edition of 400, and only be $25.  This is scheduled to drop sometime tomorrow (Wednesday, April 2).  Stay tuned to

11 Responses to “This Week’s Obey Print: Obama Progress Small”

  1. I wonder if this is to thwart the prices on ebay ?

  2. WTF?


  3. If it *is* to thwart the prices on eBay it may also succeed in p*ssing off the “serious collector” and hurt in the long run, eh?

  4. if he wanted to do that dont you think this would of been an open edition? that is what i would of done

  5. And that is one of the many reasons why you are not an artist in high demand.

  6. Just wait my friend and I would never do that. I was just stating that if he was to want to twart ebay prices an open edition would be the way. Personally I think make a print and be done with it not rehash it 6 different times

  7. Stoney, now that is some funny stuff.


  9. im gittin tarred of some dang obey stuff altogether dang it!

  10. What kind of print is this?

  11. Not kidding your getting tired of these prints – He might raise more cash if he did another version or a different image

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