New Burlesque Stuff Coming Soon

Burlesque Design is gearing up to drop another handful of great stuff, including a new art print, poster, and record.  Individual item information is listed below.  This stuff will go for sale on Thursday, April 3 at 2pm CST.  Visit

Osprey Elaterium Art Print by Aaron Horkey

8 Color Screenprint, 12″ x 14″, Edition of 112, $150:

Do It To It Poster

Screenprint, $25 (or $30 as a set with the record or Thrill Me to the Marrow T-shirt):

Do It To It Record

Features tracks by Mike the 2600 King, Bird Peterson, Dave Nada, Smalltown DJ’s, and Cosmo Baker.  Jacket screenprinted and designed by BRLSQ, Edition of 500 (if I remember right),  $15:

4 Responses to “New Burlesque Stuff Coming Soon”

  1. Alien eyes?

  2. 150 bucks for a record sized print seems a bit much…i might buy if they dropped the zero

  3. First Horkey in a bit I’m not huge on. Certainly looks detailed and skillfully done, just not the image for me.

  4. balls…

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