Stella Im Hultberg Art Print Set

Gallery 1988 released another great mini print set, this time by Stella Im Hultberg.  The set comes with four 4″ x 5″ giclees, plus 50 sets come with a chase print, and 25 sets come with an original drawing.  The edition is 500, the price is $80.  To purchase, give G1988 a call at (323) 937-7088.

8 Responses to “Stella Im Hultberg Art Print Set”

  1. So does Audrey Kawasaki copy this style or do they copy her style?

  2. it’s a different style.

  3. How much different? 10% different? 50% different? I’m seeing like maybe 2% different myself…

  4. I’d say they are 84% different (plus or minus 10%)

  5. Honestly, Audrey and Stella are night and day. Although they both frequently choose to use females in their artwork, there is a massive difference once their vision hits the canvas/wood, Tool.

    Regardless, they both do amazing work.

  6. well as long as there’s some dang scantily clad super young hotties im down! woo-hoo!

  7. So that anyone who is interested knows the correct # to call for this isn’t the one posted it is 415-409-1376 which is the San Fran location

  8. Does anyone know if I can purchase anything by Stella in Australia???
    I am having a lot of trouble coming across anything for purchase any where in the world. Can anyone give me some ideas on websites etc that I could check out???

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