Explosions in the Sky Poster by Ghost Town

Need an introduction to Ghost Town?  How about an 8 color screenprint for only $20?  Their new Explosions in the Sky poster is just that, and they only have 30 copeis to sell.  Visit Ghost-Town.net.

5 Responses to “Explosions in the Sky Poster by Ghost Town”

  1. the band is so amazing ! This poster is what we expect when you think about Explosions in the Sky

  2. Pete does amazing work. Great poster

  3. this one was actually done by pete’s partner darren, ghost-town has expanded into a 2 man operation.

  4. Both those guys are awesome. Peter Cardoso does really cool gig posters ( see new bosstones), and I love his old posters, but cant find them anywhere!

  5. Amazing work. Explosions is awesome a total mind game sometimes. I do not know much about Ghost-town, but from this I can say I am really into their work

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