Raconteurs Poster by Rob Jones

The Raconteurs just released their new album, along with this new screenprint by Rob Jones.  It is 20″ x 26″, five colors, and is reported to have an edition of around 440.  It costs $35 and can be purchased at the Raconteurs website.

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  1. I dont get the “it would be better if the artists printed their own prints argument” (I think its a very street art thing to say) would it also be better if the artist made their own paper, and ink as well? A lot of designers (myself included) can screen print but by no means are amazing at it as it is a completely different skill set than creating art. If you want a very high quality product for the people who buy your work why not let someone else do it who is very skilled in printing and has the best tools to do so, its logical and it just leaves the artist more time to do what they do.

    I think this print looks great, very simple but effective.

  2. ‘Nuff said. And well said.

  3. redbear, many of the best designers of today pull their own prints.

  4. Like who?

  5. Reading these comments and seeing others in the same vein of the past year…

    Its OK, it really is OK not to like someones work.

    Whats not OK is when people use this site to insult, bully and generally be a nob jockey.

    This site promotes great work, in turn we should respect this space and build a community.

    If you don’t like it (as I do not) then cool, move on and walk away – Don’t spin around and insult as someone has put hard work into this and Admin has taken time to post this. Respect all views and post respectful points.

    There my 2 cents worth.

  6. Aesthetic Apparatus
    Jay Ryan
    Dan McCarthy
    Sasha Barr
    Decoder Ring
    Drew Millward
    Little friends of printmaking

    I do realize that these are also just some of my personal favorites, but they are really some of the best out there.

  7. DJ, almost all of those people have autopress printers, the same ones used in the big shops. They are not printing by hand.

  8. Also, Mat Daly (who is awesome) prints most of Jay’s stuff at The Bird Machine.

  9. I did not mean that all of the designers pull everything 100% by hand, I just know that they all know how to screenprint very well, and almost all of them started with a table, a set of hinges and a few screens. And by no means did I intend to insult designers who do not screenprint, like i said before to each his own. as a designer and printer who pulls everything by hand still, it really is a preference based on my personal experience and knowledge.

  10. Sold out!

  11. Kosick – Cous Cous did not say “there’s “something not very artistic” about not printing your own prints”, she said “something not very artistic at all about just making a image on photoshop and sending it off to the printers”.
    I hope most people agree it´s a less accomplished comment.

  12. mine has been posted.

    this is the first screen print i have bought. i’ve just found this amazing site.
    question: does it do them any harm to keep them in postal tubes?

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