Beejoir “Lies” Ballot

FUSShop is running a ballot for the Beejoir “Lies” screenprint, so get over there and enter.  The print has an edition of 75, and will be 100 pounds if you are a winner.  To enter the ballot, visit

5 Responses to “Beejoir “Lies” Ballot”

  1. oh wow…it’s the guy from Star Search

  2. Shouldn’t it be free if it is a drawing?


  3. Wow It’s rare that i would say somethign negative in the context of a piece of art and maybe it’s because the artist is collectable or something but winning this raffel is kind of like losing in life, 200$ ? Not my cup of tea I guess.

  4. This one’s barely over cost and half what they’re going for on the bay. IF you like the print, the raffle would be worth it. No sense bitching about it, just keep walking…

  5. Good point.


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