Obey Gaslamp Killer Poster To Drop Today

Shepard Fairey’s poster for the new Obey Records mix by Gaslamp Killer has had it’s release date changed to today (Wednesday, March 19).  No word on why it got pushed back a day, but keep an eye on ObeyGiant.com to purchase.

10 Responses to “Obey Gaslamp Killer Poster To Drop Today”

  1. sweet print

  2. obey website = down

  3. Yeah I can’t even access the site.

  4. there are up !

  5. there for the taking

  6. Not sure if I really like this yet or not

  7. Too late now.

  8. I pulled the trigger and grabbed one I’m always game for new music so the cd added was a nice touch and this will be my first obey as well

  9. image is everything… this shit makes me gag a little.

  10. Looks kinda like a picture ive actually drawn haha if you wanna see his compared to mine hit up a artist named Sage Francis on his myspace profile and im pretty sure its under fan art its been a little while either way good picture a good twist on the one ive done.

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