Adult Swim Mini Figures by Kidrobot Coming Soon

I kinda stopped posting as much about toys lately, but I thought these were just too cool to skip over.  According to Vinyl Pulse, Kidrobot is set to release a series of Adult Swim-inspired mini figures in April.  Here is the list of figures, from Vinyl Pulse:

Assy (Assy McGee), Avenger (Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law), Bird Girl (Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law), Carl (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Dr. Girlfriend (Venture Bros.), Early (Squidbillies), Grandma (Squidbillies), Ignignokt and Err (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Kill Face (Frisky Dingo), Lil’ (Squidbillies), Mad Scientist (Robot Chicken), The Monarch (Venture Bros.), Murderface (Metalocalypse), Orel (Morel Orel), Robot Chicken (Robot Chicken), Toki (Metalocalypse), and two mystery figures.

They will retail for $7.95 each, and will be packaged in blind boxes.  I will update you with the release date as it gets closer.  Until then, visit for more info.

7 Responses to “Adult Swim Mini Figures by Kidrobot Coming Soon”

  1. Awesome. Suprised they haven’t done this yet. I’m looking forward to seeing the Carl figure.

  2. well, looks like ill be skipping over everything and just buying the two venture bros figures off ebay, because everything else looks pretty horrific.

  3. those squidbillies are wacky bunch.

  4. assy mcgee!!!

  5. i need a brock samson

  6. Frylock and H.E.L.P.E.R. would have been bad ass figures…Oh well, there’s alwasy series II to look forward to…

  7. I can’t wait to get a Granny figurine!

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