New Audrey Kawasaki Art Print: “Lacey” (Onsale Info)

Audrey Kawaski is set to release her new art print, Lacey, next week.  It’s a 16″ x 20″ giclee, has an edition of 150, and is $150.  These will go up on Saturday, March 15 at 9am PST.  Visit

17 Responses to “New Audrey Kawasaki Art Print: “Lacey” (Onsale Info)”

  1. This seems a little pedo to me. Like….she’s young lookin and topless???

  2. I think its really nice. 50 of the prints have already sold at her gallery show a little while back and they went fast. So there will only be 90 available online for the sale Sat. I hope i get one! I wonder if alot of people like this or are going to pass..

  3. really like this one. price went up to 150?

  4. Why, what was the price at the gallery? I dont think it was less than 150?

  5. cous cous, if you perceived her to be older, would you think it was “a little pornish”?

    get real

  6. the price was $150 at the gallery too

  7. Evan, no you get real. If she were “older”, then by definition, it wouldn’t be pedo, so why would I perceive that?

  8. What I was getting at is- Why is this pornographic to you?

  9. “Why is this pornographic to you?”

    owned and outed!

  10. i like this
    pornographic pic


  11. I wonder why this is late?

  12. gah total scam….the page just went from nothing to sold out in one second. yay, they were probably already gone before 9 anyways. audrey sucks!

  13. Was refreshing for a bit in safari only to have a blank white page. Checked a random message board and it sold out. I guess it only worked with firefox on a mac. WTF is wrong with safari? Apple sucks balls.

  14. Gah, refunded.

  15. if you got one of these, you’ll be receiving a $15 refund on the shipping costs… i thought $25 was a little high

  16. Yep… I was waiting on Safari at 9am too… Nothing… Just saw one sell on ebay for $450 though (maybe Audrey decided to sell them there instead?!)

  17. It appears that you could only see the link (or anything at all actually) on Firefox, not IE or Safari. Audrey and Leah have apologised for the snafu.

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