New Josh Keyes Art Print Coming Soon (Onsale Info)

Josh Keyes fans, rejoice!  Limited Addiction Gallery is set to release a brand new giclee by Mr. Keyes very soon.  “Watcher #3″ is a 12″ x 12” giclee, has an edition of 150, and will be $185.  These go on sale Tuesday, March 11 at 11am Mountain Time.  Visit

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  1. Swayse – Your chipper for someone in the news whose ill. Dirty dancing caught up with you in the end.

  2. Huge issue – I cant even load a single page and get in to the gallery its so busy – I missed out on this one, dam…. I loved this – If anyone wants to sell asap I will buy as its for my personal collection and not to sell on.

  3. “They need a better server!!” – from generic Obey nutjobs.

  4. Has anyone managed to get thru ?

  5. that site was already locked up at 10 AM MST…

  6. I am in now but no buy button

  7. i had a buy button for a few minutes, tried to check out, but got rerouted to the original Watcher #3 screen. URL had “out of stock” in it.

  8. Got one. Yeaaaaaw!

  9. How did you manage to get one as I have been working and refreashing like every 5 mins all day and there was no way through ?

    Rather than a Yeaaaaaw could you pass on how you managed to get through as adore his work and like the connection with Obey so it makes a special piece for me and I would like to try and obtain one still

  10. Nothing fancy required. Just mind-numbing refreshing every few seconds. I was mentally exhausted after this whole ordeal.

    But I got one. = )

  11. I got one too

  12. There is a method to the madness.

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