Dave Kinsey Skate Deck Up For Preorder

This Designarium skate deck by Dave Kinsey is now available for preorder. It is 10.8″ x 28.3″, has an edition of 1000, and is $89.95. Visit CalSk8.com.

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  1. Now that is a trip.

  2. is it actually that shape?

  3. Evan, yes it’s that shape

  4. Where can I get the damn shirt?

  5. Products marked with *** dont exist in desired quantity in our stock.
    You can buy them anyway and check the quantity we have in stock for immediate deliver in the checkout process.

    Does this mean it’s sold out or is it just because it’s preorder?

  6. Are the Artist Series Designarium decks signed?

  7. These are……. others have not.

  8. Signed and numbered. Nice work. Looking forward to the 2nd Kinsey Designarium deck- gonna grab both.

  9. how do you know that they are signed and numbered?

  10. I guess I don’t know for sure, I’ll confirm when I get it in the mail. I read on FeedYourWall: “Produced by Designarium, each deck costs $89.95 and comes signed and numbered from an edition of 1000.” If it’s on the internet, doesn’t that make it true?

  11. These aren’t signed. Their Mypsace page said it was at one stage (I think) but as it turns out they’re just numbered.

  12. Hi Folks, Thanks for all of the support for the Kinsey decks and ts here at Cal Skate.

    As mentioned above they are numbered but not signed and 1000 are being produced.

    Take care and enjoy, Howard

    Cal Skate Skateboards Portland Oregon

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