Bob Mould Print by Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey and Obey Giant are set to release this tribute to Bob Mould, the guitar player from Husker Du.  The edition is 500, 250 of which will be sold Wednesday, March 5 at Obey Giant, the rest will go on tour with Mr. Mould.  Visit for more info.

17 Responses to “Bob Mould Print by Shepard Fairey”

  1. That pattern also reminds me of DD’s Pinback postah

  2. Damn I was hoping it would be of Bob Barker… not bob mould

  3. This, I might be interested in purchasing.

  4. Tha background pattern/texture was first seen in Fairey’s “Arab Woman” series, released in December of ’06.

  5. Bob has never looked better……

  6. nice beard

  7. I am going to scratch out Bob Mould and write in Pete Townshend. That or just flip it to some custies that will buy anything Obey as usual.

  8. I’m going to cross out Bob Mould and write in John Entwistle.

  9. I am going to cross out John Entwistle and put in Ming the Merciless.

  10. Admonkey…but DD used it with a blue color first

  11. Oh Yeah? My grandma used that pattern on blue a table cloth 80 years ago.

  12. You people are stupid.


  13. You are correct – we are so stoopuid we came up with the name
    Deltasigchi4 for you – we must be thick as a brick to invent that, it took us hours and hours and yet our brains came up with nothing intelligent – so we hope you like it.


  15. Well, Beef… What’d you decide? Huh? HUH?!?

  16. all gone…….

  17. Assholes

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