New Evan Hecox Art Print

BLK/MRKT (aka Kinsey/DesForges Gallery) just released this new screenprint by Evan Hecox. It is titled “Where Bones Lie Beneath The Ground”. This is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and costs $175. Visit

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  1. “El Poder De Hacer” translates to “The Power to do” NOT “Where Bones Lie Beneath The Ground”

    with that said, it’s an amazing print and i already have my order in.

  2. just because “el poder de hacer” are the most prominent words on the poster doesn’t mean that is where the title is from. look at the full size image and you can see “where bones lie beneath the ground” in white letters in the bottom right

  3. I noticed administrator did not use a superlative when describing this print. I thought “magnificent” or “beautiful” would have done nicely.

  4. Congrats, you’re both wrong. The title is: “Where Bones Lie Beneath The Ground (El Poder De Hacer)”

  5. are titles this important? its a sweet piece regardless.

  6. Stoney, i know what the title is and always have but it doesn’t change the fact that “El Poder De Hacer” translates to “The Power to do” and not “Where Bones Lie Beneath The Ground” as the admin wrote…

    so i guess we aren’t wrong.

  7. sold out

  8. been collecting hecox for a while, and i’m not impressed with this. I love the subtleness of his urban landscapes, however the billboard throws me off. i do however, love the colors!

  9. “been collecting hecox for a while, and i’m not impressed with this.”

    thanks charles saatchi. even will take that into consideration when he paints his next piece.

  10. Not impressed.

    Also not impressed with Fee and his know-it-all attitude.


  11. When’s the yellow version coming out?

  12. Don’t even joke like that Tool.

  13. Tool,

    the admin originally wrote that “El Poder De Hacer” translates to “Where Bones Lie Beneath The Ground” which it doesn’t so i corrected it.

    accusing me of having a know-it-all attitude because i corrected his translation makes you an ignorant fool.

  14. Who fucking cares? I’m considering turning off comments, this is just getting ridiculous.

  15. This art print and original are both awesome, fyi.


    He’s got a box edition of his book coming out soon. Comes in a laser etched wooden box and is in an edition of 50. They also each come with a few mini prints in a matching edition. Pre-order from

  17. LOL

  18. stunning print in every way

  19. yeah this print is rather dope….and yeah enough with the dorked out posts! keep it thug!

  20. Evan can do no wrong, in my opinion. I really like this one.

  21. I think I am out on a limb here – I dont really like it that much, the billboard looks to strong. I love his work and have bought a few but this one I will miss, they are sold out anyway

    (Also don’t slag me off if I don’t like it, it seems if anyone does not like a piece that they are slagged off by nob jockeys. We are allowed different views)

  22. this one looks awesome in person

  23. look at this sky… i see a storm approaching.

  24. Any news on when the 2nd and 3rd editions of this one are coming out?

  25. There won’t be a 2nd or 3rd edition. This is a BLKMRKT edition and they annouce all their editions ahead of time. It’s especially a given there won’t be any new variants considering this was printed for the show.

  26. excellent print, one of his best i think……….Doh ! missed it.

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