Date Farmers X Barack Obama Poster

The Date Farmers have teamed up with Upper Playground and Burlesque Design to produce this new Barack Obama screenprint.  The prints are 18″ x 24″, limited to 300 copies, and cost $200.  To preorder, visit

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  1. “The limited-edition screen prints are a pre-sale item, and will not be shipped until March 7th, 2008.”

    Ouch, what if he loses?

  2. 200 bones

  3. anybody know the history behind these guys and the reason this is $200? Just cant see it…

  4. nice play off of Mexican street signs art signifying a grass roots awakening for the people by the people sort of local hero aesthetic.

  5. Since this is to raise funds for a paster campaign, how many pasters can you put up for $60,000.00? Obey was able to put out 3000 24×36 pasters with a third of the money.

    I really like this print but I can’t justify the price.

  6. meh. i see the point, but i personally don’t feel like it was done very well.

    i wish them success though.

  7. I like the design, not worth two hundy tho…

  8. Yeah, just to pricey. I’d think about it for $100.

  9. if it didnt say obama on it, i woulda thought it was hugo chavez

  10. Love the look…. can’t dig on the price…

  11. i actually like the image but come on now, this is nothing but a Barack Obandwagon cash grab.

  12. They’re obviously trying to get the Latino vote.
    Not a good choice for the Obama image, however.
    They should lower the price to

  13. 200$?




  14. Love Date Farmers! There stuff goes for $1000’s, but this print? ehh………

  15. Looks a lot like Benito Juarez. Very fitting.

  16. Looks very cool, I will be interested to see how it looks in person. Price is high, but considering the price Fairey’s obama is going for I don’t think this one is too ridiculous.

  17. Paused on the price, but went ahead with it. No regrets. Love how the art harkens back to the posters and propaganda of the Mexican revolution. And like someone said … considering the price of the Fairey.

  18. Love Date Farmers, but damn. That price is way too high. I could understand if this was like a 16+ color or if it was printed on wood or something. But, $200 is a lot. Especially for an edition as large as 300.

  19. emperor’s new clothes.

  20. Hell to the yeah!!! I spend two hundred bones at starbucks a week , and that aint part of history………….

  21. actually, i love the image, but wish the price was lower, maybe around 100-150

  22. got one. hellz yeah!

  23. all moneys goes to charity. im into it.

  24. well, t goes to the Obama poster campaign anyway.

  25. seen thier work before really shows thier passion for culture I think the price is reasonable. Its going to be a part of history any way.

  26. I bought several of these. They are going to be worth 2000.00 a piece by next year. They are a limited edition. And signed.

    Oh and guess what?

    They are now sold out.

  27. It’s beautiful, and I love the work of these designers. I figure my purchase supports the designers and the Obama campaign…both good causes. I really like it that designers /artists are speaking out about politics through art.

  28. I don’t really like this poster at all. I like Fairey’s more.

  29. Just got mine back from the framer – Big O never looked better. I only wish I had bought a couple more…

    People seem to like them as much as I do, as I can’t find any for sale yet.

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