Date Farmers X Barack Obama Poster

The Date Farmers have teamed up with Upper Playground and Burlesque Design to produce this new Barack Obama screenprint.  The prints are 18″ x 24″, limited to 300 copies, and cost $200.  To preorder, visit

30 Responses to “Date Farmers X Barack Obama Poster”

  1. actually, i love the image, but wish the price was lower, maybe around 100-150

  2. got one. hellz yeah!

  3. all moneys goes to charity. im into it.

  4. well, t goes to the Obama poster campaign anyway.

  5. seen thier work before really shows thier passion for culture I think the price is reasonable. Its going to be a part of history any way.

  6. I bought several of these. They are going to be worth 2000.00 a piece by next year. They are a limited edition. And signed.

    Oh and guess what?

    They are now sold out.

  7. It’s beautiful, and I love the work of these designers. I figure my purchase supports the designers and the Obama campaign…both good causes. I really like it that designers /artists are speaking out about politics through art.

  8. I don’t really like this poster at all. I like Fairey’s more.

  9. Just got mine back from the framer – Big O never looked better. I only wish I had bought a couple more…

    People seem to like them as much as I do, as I can’t find any for sale yet.

  10. I have one of these. # 200.

    I am interested in selling

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