Daniel Danger “Flashlight” Art Print

Daniel Danger’s small “Flashlight” art print just went up for sale at Postersandtoys.com.  The 7″ x 7″ screenprint is only $10.  To purchase, visit Postersandtoys.com, and hurry.

15 Responses to “Daniel Danger “Flashlight” Art Print”

  1. gah sold out

  2. These werent part of the signed and numbered edition I would imagine?

  3. You are correct.

  4. ahhh! dammit. dude you need a mailing list to announce this stuff ahead of time!

  5. nevermind, i just found your mailing list

  6. I purchased at wootini and it is nice print they were supposed to be numbered and signed but they werent …. now these are marked with xo is that a second ed or what

  7. Yep, separate edition, set aside for online sales.

  8. Were these signed and #ed?

  9. Hmm thats funny, I purchased from Wootini and mine was signed and numbered. They probably ran out of the numbered ones I guess.

  10. Perhaps these are unauthorized reproductions?

  11. OMG, they’re authorized.

  12. some unsigned ones were accidentally sold at the opening, someone grabbed from the wrong pile. simple confusion among the rush. if you want me to sign the one you picked up AT the opening, id be happy to. our mistake.
    wootini had 60 signed/numbered, and there were 30ish unsigned/unnumbered/marked-‘xo’ sold through P&T, and my subbers have their own copies.

    as far as i know, nothing of mine has ever been bootlegged. …almost.

  13. ah…ok..sorry mazons!

  14. When i try to buy it, it says:

    “A Note From postersandtoys

    The following fields are required or are invalid:

    Flashlight Art Print by Daniel Danger (0 Available)”

  15. sold out.

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