Rob Jones Raconteurs Poster Sets (Onsale Info)

The elusive Rob Jones is finally set to release his Raconteurs concert posters, but they will only be available as a giant 25 poster set. Only 47 sets will be available, and the price is $1130 up front, or three installments of $410. This goes down tomorrow (Wednesday, February 20) at 10am CST. Visit

EDIT: I should also note, this new art print, “Wednesday X” also goes on sale tomorrow.  See ya there.

20 Responses to “Rob Jones Raconteurs Poster Sets (Onsale Info)”

  1. Man, I love RJ’s work, but I’m going to have to stick with the 5 I have from this series.

  2. Sold out in a few minutes… WOW

  3. Damn that was fast.

  4. Go get that clip art!

  5. 47 ways to waste money

  6. At this price you could buy a whole African village and supply them with Goats for a year or have the whole Palestinian wall covered with prints from one man. Who is going to buy this ?

  7. I hope he also carbon off sets and has a replacement forest growing somewhere to counter balance his “all in one lump sale”

  8. Are you guys retarded? Seriously? It comes out to about $45 per poster, WELL worth it. As for the “who is going to buy this?”, they sold out in about a minute, and oversold. Take your hatery elsewhere.

  9. I doubt any of us are retarded, and to your point about the cost, you are right, the price per poster is a good value. From my point of view it’s more a matter of the integrity of poster art. It has never been a lucrative business, it’s more about the fun of making posters, and trying to collect. With these kinds of offerings it makes it so hard for the regular dude to collect artists they like. I am not by any means a hater, i just really enjoy discussions regarding poster artists, whether they are positive are negative.

  10. so much hate on these forums haha

  11. Sounds like some of ya’ll be sipping some some of that hatorade yo! All these poor college students and waiters can’t afford Rob Jones posters waaah.

  12. I can afford. Just not into glorified clip art.

  13. Who cares about the art, I can’t wait for a new album, I heard they were in the stuido working on one a few months back.

  14. it’s useless.

  15. hey, halfwit… have you ever even seen clip art before? or is that just something you heard about on other poster forums and thought you would throw around on here to try and appear topical?

    if you wanna hate, at least pretend like you are educated, otherwise you come across looking like a complete fucking doosh rocket.

    most of the artists featured on this blog could wipe their ass on some french paper and produce a better poster than you could ever hope to. so if you would like to talk some shit, how about you try backing it up with a solid argument?

    sorry to fuel the hate, but this is a great blog and it is being brought down but some seriously asinine comments.

    rant over.

  16. these look even better together.

  17. The Bunny Print is on hold cause R. Jones is overwhelmed with the Raconteurs orders. Dammit. I want that print for my kids room!

  18. Admin –
    Sorry I wasn’t hating – It just seems allot of cash when you put it all together thats all.

    As we all know its a bug, collecting posters, and some you can afford and some you cant and on this I couldn’t.

    Misunderstood and wrong on my part, I bow and say sorry.

    Re the hate on this site – It is so dam easy to knock the artists down, so easy to just type and insult when I feel we should be supporting and analyzing the styles, we all cant love the same pieces but educated discussion is fun, simple hate is childish.

    What I would like to see instead of insults and put downs is for people to be inspired to try and create their own screen prints, this then would be interesting rather than calling names and reading not so clever put downs. I feel that we would all find it difficult and maybe then from process admire some of the techniques.

    BTW – I am in the process of commissioning 2 new posters by David Singer and Lee Conklin for a band that a family member is in. These artists have both come in at an amazing price and considering their history and place in poster history I would have thought they would have asked more – still I will pass on the finished work and also if people are interested I could explain the process these artists use when you commission pieces,.


  19. Anyone pick up a set?

  20. I got refunded, lame.

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