New Art Print by Neckface: “Born to Lose”

Street art fans, here’s one for you.  New Image Art released a new print by Neckface, a dude that definitely doesn’t put out many prints.  “Born to Lose” is a 20″ x 16″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and is $200.  Within the edition, there are some color variations.  To purchase, shoot the gallery an email, or call them at (323) 654-2192.  Visit for more info.

24 Responses to “New Art Print by Neckface: “Born to Lose””

  1. Alex,
    i’d rather discover something that’s good instead of something that is just “new”. this print is not good. i don’t mind the faces themselves but the color spectrum used as the background is absolutely hideous. the faces combined with the color spectrum looks like someone threw up on a gay pride flag.

  2. Throwing up on a gay pride flag?! Sounds great!

    “Good” is relative, isn’t it? What passes as “good” in music, for example, isn’t necessarily what I’d consider “good”. It’s a matter of taste, for crying out loud.

    If ya don’t like it – don’t buy it. Obviously.

  3. This is good because you’re a dick. Thats all.

  4. dude this guy is fucking alsome iwish he could like paint my hole house ……./,,//,/m/ and fuck the people thst dont like him

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