Exclusive: New Daniel Danger Built To Spill Poster

Two days, two exclusive images.  Here is a brand new concert poster for Built to Spill by Daniel Danger for an upcoming OKC show.  This greyscale image is set to be a 4 color screenprint.  I’ll keep you posted on availability.  Until then, enjoy.

5 Responses to “Exclusive: New Daniel Danger Built To Spill Poster”

  1. After the wootini show I am ready for some more Danger Prints. Wish I could get in on his sub.

  2. “Wish I could get in on his sub.” Is there a sub yet? I wasn’t sure there was. Daniel, any thoughts if you’ll have openings?

  3. I believe he is still unsure about it. All i know is that I have money set aside just in case I can get in. Ready to see what 08 has in store for us.

  4. I’d imagine those sub’s will be pretty pricy.

  5. No Obey posting?

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