Rob Jones Joy Division Prints

Richard Goodall Gallery just released these new Ian Curtis (of Joy Division) prints by Rob Jones.  These are based on images by famous photographer Kevin Cummins.  The set comes with three individual prints, each a huge 26″ x 36″ screenprint.  The edition is 80, the price is 210 pounds for the set.  Visit

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  1. Do yourself a favor and pick up The Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion. There is a whole section on the type of poster Rob Jones and others create. You can’t act like you know about posters and not own the book.

    Although this is not a rock poster, I think the point has been missed. The fundemental purpose of a rock poster is to draw attention to an event and prompt people to show up and spend money on tickets.

    Rob Jones gots some mad poster making skills yo.

  2. Actually, I’ve owned that book for quite some time. Read it many times.
    Still doesn’t change my opinion: Jones is cranking out glorified clip art and managing to sell it for mad money as “art.”

  3. The official admin response is that Rob’s work rules, and trying to play it down as glorified clipart is downright retarded. Some of the readers here need to get their shit together.

  4. Rob just sold 47 sets of Raconteurs posters in 1:39 seconds.

    Considering the first order probably didn’t hit until 00:39 after the onsale, that’s 1,175 posters, or 20 posters a second.

    “glorified clip art” …what a douche

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