New Art Prints by David Flores

David Flores has two new art prints for sale, and they are pretty dang cool.  The thing I really like about these is that he chose to do them as screenprints, when they would’ve obviously been much easier to produce as giclees.  To check them out, visit


22″ x 29″, 8 Color Screenprint, Edition of 120 Signed for $100, or 200 Unsigned for $75:


18″ x 24″, 8 Color Screenprint, Edition of 220, $85:

10 Responses to “New Art Prints by David Flores”

  1. Do any of the proceeds go to Dirt McGert’s 25 baby’s mommas?

  2. yeah i hear ya. that would be nice, ya know, for the baby mommas…..but on the reals, i dig it cuz it’s ol dirt dog, but im not feelin the 100 bucks based on what im seein….im torn really, if ya want the honest troof…..??

  3. I want pussy for free, you cannot have my money…..

  4. Screenprints instead of giclees out of the goodness of his heart or because they might actually sell as screenprints?

  5. Who’s Linda?

  6. The whole signed and unsigned seperate editions thing needs to go. sign your work

  7. I think they are pretty tight.

    I received his “Warhol” the other week and was quite impressed with the quality and attention to detail.


  9. Linda Evangelista

  10. amazing. finally flores is coming out with affordable pieces for people, i cant afford 5k originals so im copping these for sure.

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