I Want Your Skull Issue 4 Available

One of my favorite zines, I Want Your Skull, just released their newest issue, and it looks like it may be their best yet.  It comes with a 3 color screenprint by Brian Morris (aka ooo000ooo), a sticker by Angryblue, interviews with Jason Goad and Luke Drozd, and illustrations by Bobby Dixon, David Witt, Adam Turman, and more.  It is limited to 500 numbered copies, and the price is $25 shipped.  Visit IWantYourSkull.com.

5 Responses to “I Want Your Skull Issue 4 Available”

  1. Has anyone purchased any of the earlier volumes? I’ve thought about it each time but never pulled the trigger.

  2. i purchased 2 and 3 (anyone got an extra copy of 1 to sell? hit me at blakearonson at gmail dot com)

    two was pretty rad, the prints were awesome, i personally didnt like the third as much as the second and it had less prints. this new one looks rad though.

  3. Worth it for the Brian Morris print alone.

  4. yeah, skulls!

  5. so i just received mines today and was all super stoked, like thinking about it all day, this and that, skull skull skullz, i want skullz….and as soon as i opened it, i was once again stoked at the dopeness brown paper bag with chinese(asian of some origin that i dont know) symbols with blood splatter envelope, so anyways off to a good start. and the cover is obviously a really real standout of the whole thing, probably the fave of the bunch, but you’ve seen that…so then i start on the insides, and it’s not bad, but not sicky sicky like i was hopin fer, keep going and more of the same, some nice stuff, a few standout would-buy-ems, but overall a lil short, ya know…so the cover, the baggie thing, and the brian morris are all quite dope, really good stuff, i may be cheap but i was all hook it up a little bit for twenty-five…but worth a look and if you think im cheap you should def buy it and would dig lots..i like, but could use more…fiendin…….

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