This Week’s Tiny Showcase Prints: Rock Poster Artists

Wow, this rules.  Tiny Showcase is set to release one print a day for the next week, all by prominent rock poster artists.  This all leads up to a pretty great poster show, Sweet: The Graphic Beauty of the Contemporary Rock Poster.  Prints this week will be by Aesthetic Apparatus, Sasha Barr, Guy Burwell, Tim Gough, Jesse LeDoux, Jay Ryan, and Diana Sudyka (lots of OMG favorites in there).  This kicks off every night for the next seven days at 7:30pm EST.  Visit

Tiny Showcase doesn’t preview their prints, so I don’t really have an image to show you, sorry. 

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  1. I had to jump on this one. So many great artists, wish I could go to the opening.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t want to mention it in the post, but if people email, you can get all 7 prints for a discount, and free shipping, so $125. You have to buy them sight unseen though.

  3. Mitch! You’re letting the cat outta the bag! I was being vague… Anyway, looking forward to what these look like

  4. Sick. I wonder when the Jay Ryan is being released.

  5. the offer the admin mentioned followed this statement: WELL HERE IS THE MAILING LIST LOVE… so not sure if that offer is restricted to newsletter recipients or not

  6. Yeah, I mean, I doubt they care if they sell MORE prints.

  7. The offer was or is restricted to newsletter recipients only.

  8. Good idea….only drawback is that a lot of these artists sell larger-sized, SCREENPRINTED prints for the same price that Tiny Showcase is charging for smaller-sized inkjet prints.

  9. it’s not the size that matters…

  10. Sweet. Thanks Mitch.

  11. palehi…It’s not the size so much as the technique. It’s the screenprinting that is the essence of the rock/gigposter.

  12. Cous Cous, I think a lot of people would argue with you on that point. Many people think the essence of the gigposter is to advertise a show with a design that is sure to catch and hold someone’s attention, and that the medium is not necessarily important (IE a xerox can accomplish that as well as a screen print).

    Of course, in terms of collecting, I don’t want to collect photo copies, and I view screen prints as an amazing form of art, but the “essence” of the gigposter does not necessarily reside in the screenprinting technique.

    I think the size of these are going to be nice and manageable, and Tiny Showcase does make nice prints, albeit inkjet prints.

  13. cous-

  14. What kind of lame “artists” are going to be featured on these here posters?

  15. i’m guessing the ones that are listed using bold print in the description, but i’m no genius

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