New Dave Kinsey Art Print, “Year of the Woman” (Onsale Info)

Dave Kinsey is set to release a new art print in two different colorways this week. “Year of the Woman” will be available in a 20″ x 26″ gold version with an edition of 100 for $100, or an 18″ x 24″ blue version that has an edition of 175, but will only be $55. Both of these go up for sale sometime on Wednesday, January 30. Visit

EDIT:  A new print has been thrown into the mix.  “Final Protest” will also be released tomorrow.  This one has an edition of 150, is 7 colors, and costs $150.  They also gave an approximate time of “around 12pm” tomorrow.  This all goes down at

27 Responses to “New Dave Kinsey Art Print, “Year of the Woman” (Onsale Info)”

  1. Kinsey’s chicks kinda look like Kinsey’s dudes.

  2. I really like Kinsey’s stuff and have a few pieces framed, hanging on my walls. But I think he should stick to illustrations of men, this woman is not flattering and does not show the true talent that Kinsey has as an artist.

  3. whats the flipability of these?

  4. Its good to see Kinsey back grounded. He was getting ahead of himself towards the end of last year upping his editions to 350 and costing $100…

  5. i completely agree gary. this reminds me of when bon jovi rocked long hair.

  6. ugh, sorry Kinsey. Not feeling this one. Still kicking myself for not getting Momentum which is probably his best yet.

  7. Pretty weaksauce for Dave, compared with his last body of work.

  8. I love this print.. I’m not sure why people are saying she doesn’t look right.. I love the contrast of the gritty backgrounds with his clean linework.

    Plus I’m sure these will sell out in minutes.

  9. I think he has an Adam’s apple.
    I thought it meant men want to look like women.
    I dunno.
    Anyone else?

  10. Yep, Just looking at it, thats must be a bloke from the spandex 80’s sunset strip crew – Adam apple and big hands sort of guy – maybe a drummer or something. Yep, its a bloke.

  11. pretty good price point, especially for the low edition. Prints are normally $100 for editions of 300. Good deal IMO. Only a few 100 lucky people will get these. Diggn the rocker hair.

  12. what adam’s apple? looks like the indent of her neck to me you guys are trippin, she just looks in distress of something, peobably has to do with the baby she’s holding?

  13. I seriously hope you all sleep on this, because I don’t want any hassle when I am trying to buy mine.

  14. It’s all yours, Theory! Tear it up!

  15. That’s a dude with a receding hairline.

  16. face looks like David Bowie to me.

  17. see the baby?

  18. He just added a third print to the set…7 colors, 20×26, ed. 150 = $150

  19. The third one is actually pretty nice. Don’t think I’ll spend $150 on it unfortunately.

  20. agreed. 3rd one is best. but not taking my 150 when i’m gonna be forking over dinero for a couple ian francis’

  21. ahhhhhhh ian francisesssssssssssssssssssses

  22. Thanks for the heads up on this print! Just ordered the blue one – my first Kinsey! Woo hoo!

    And clearly the subject is a woman.

  23. Loved the 3rd one and got – also the 2nd one, thought being if I sell the 2nd one it will pay for the 3rd one – its basic math and will probally F up but lets see.

  24. I think it’s nice that an artist did a print about androgyny.

  25. Thanks for pointing the baby out – I didn’t see that, maybe its his wife or something – does he have a new born as its “woman of the year”
    Cool – that makes it extra nice

  26. Definitely like the politcal implications of the prints

  27. and the abstract sexual exploration

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